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Brief van Chun Chung en Sangdup juni 2022

Hello maam,

I hope you are doing well. Even iam doing well here and gave my practical exam and viva on 4th of July and iam positive about it cause I know I did pretty well. And my theoretical exams will start from July 15th and will end on 9th August. And recently I hosted a farewell program for our senior and there were so many people. I had this fear of speaking in public since past few years but I did well and I gained my confidence back and iam grateful for everything. 

Love chung chung 



Hello maam,

You and rest of the sponsors help a lot of children who doesn't have what you all provide so It's a lot of support and it means a lot especially to me. So just to let you know that I don't just see you as a person helping me financially but I see you as a family too.From you all I learn that if we can and want we can help anyone from anywhere and we don't have to be a family( blood related) for that. And some day in the future I wanna help too just the way you do. 

Loads of love and respect


Chung Chung studeert Radiology (paramedical course);

voor meer details bekijk de Nieuwsbrief 2021; pagina 6.



Dear mom

Hope you are doing well. We are also fine here. Children summer vacation started so I was

supposed to go to school on 14th June to pick them but could not go as road was blocked at our place due to continuous rain, so I send my brother from Gangtok to pick them from school and dropped Pem Diki, Tumyang and Nitesh to Jorethang, Sonam Palden and Lhaki at Gangtok. School will reopen on 29th June that time I will go myself and let you know how children are doing.

Taxi fare from Gangtok to school 4000.

School to Jorethang and to Gangtok Rs 4500.

Love Sangdup.




Sangdup is onze liason met de studenten op Dr. Graham